ReConstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 9-17-13

Special Edition. Tonight I will be discussing “The Multicultural Soft Kill Machine”.  The true history of AA, NA, and how 12 step programs were actually created from the start to indoctrinate the troubled within our culture into the multicultural nightmare.  This broadcast is actually part 2 of the private prison complex show that I did a few weeks ago. Other topics tonight will be child gulags and other degenerate indoctrination programs sanctioned by the church and state Zio control grid.

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Governor of Moon
10 years ago

Good show. It’s time to get pro-active and don’t care about infiltration. People are too afraid these days and look for any reason not to put themselves in line of fire. That’s excatly what the enemy wants – that people wouldn’t organize and stay paranoid, alientated and ineffective.

There are people that are effective at street action and those who work with minds, you will be target of the system anyway, only because of the color of your skin.

10 years ago

Mike, pretty good show, it’s about time, I knew you had it in you. The jew guardian angles was a rip off of our Newark, North Ward Citizens Committee. It was started by a great pisano, Tony Imperiale in response to black riots in the 60’s. We learned boxing, karate,jitsu, had a shooting range. We had our own patrol cars with radio’s which were used to patrol our neighborhoods. The ACLU overplayed their hand going after cops, which not only earned the cops respect but endeared us to them as it was one less head ache for them to deal with. I agree wholeheartedly with forming local protection, been there, done it, IT WORKS. We were the only big city that had not one disturbance… Read more »

Reply to  Joe Northpal
10 years ago

Hey jackass Joe, you should have left out the first sentence, you condescending prick. “Mike, pretty good show, it’s about time, I knew you had it in you.” Mike puts out great shows week after week and lots of people listen. I am not sure the same could be said over at cock roach alley. The rest of your comment was relevant, but I guess you just needed to precede it with faux congratulations. Seriously, I don’t like you or your ilk, so scurry back over with the CI cockroaches – I know you have it in you.

Jeremy B
10 years ago

Great show Mike thank you very much for your time and effort, thank you for weathering the storm and staying steady…. strength and honor!

Sinead M.
10 years ago

Awesome show Mike! These programs are such scams. I was in a behavior modification program from 14-16 yrs old, and have seen inside and out how corrupt these organizations are. It’s an absolute joke and is also extremely sad. I just wanted to leave this link here for a segment CNN did on these “rehab programs” that are complete scams, and how our tax money is paying for it. Unfortunately Anderson Cooper is the one presenting, but if you can stomach looking at his ugly face for a few minutes, it’s worth the watch.

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