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Steven J Lewis
11 years ago

Once again, fascinating history, but need to know what article or book you are reading from Mike. Thanks for the great show, well so far as I am only about 35 mins into the program. Thanks, I will check back for an answer or you could email me. I have found H.K. Edgerton’s website.

As expected I see the SPLC has listed Edgerton on their website.

Ignore my comment left on today’s show, it is the same request though!

11 years ago

Powerful as always. Michael, please have transcripts of your shows available to those of us that want them. You would be sharing a powerful weapon. Thanks and peace be with you.

Mike Sledge
11 years ago

I will from now on try to mention on my broadcasts what articles and books I am using and reading from for the topic I am presenting. To be honest I really don’t put together show notes. I either read from a article or from one of my books, which I have collected in the past from old books I have gathered over the years. If you search Nathan Bedford Forrest you will most of the information I talked about during this broadcast. This web page contains much of the information I have read in my old books. This will get you started. I am thinking about putting together a book list as well for people to research from in the future. thanks for… Read more »

Steven J Lewis
11 years ago

Thanks Mike!

11 years ago

Excellent research Mike ! Keep up the earth shattering expose of the JEWS & sharing the truth ! Very much appreciated ! You can consider me a brother to call on !
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