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9 years ago

Good show, thanks.
The only point of critisism I have is your problem with strange,(harmless) past time activities. If you find Veronica Clark weird for playing dress up, you might want to consider your view on Nick ”male and open” Spero, who was caught tranny chasing not too long ago, being a father at the same time.

Besides my small critique, The Return of Tyr is one of my favourite shows and Drew’s work and commitment are much appreciated.

Regards from Holland.

9 years ago

Pas said – “…Nick ”male and open” Spero, who was CAUGHT tranny chasing…” Was he actually “caught” “tranny chasing” Pas? I thought the nude photos were pretty shameful but could you please provide ACTUAL proof of “tranny chasing” to backup your outright accusation please. It’s very easy for someone else on the other side of the world to make a simple blase comment like that with with no real evidence of their own but can you actually prove it? I very much doubt it. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying it did or didn’t happen – I’m just saying that someone from Holland who doesn’t personally know the accused and in absolutely no way could possibly have ever see any ACTUAL EVIDENCE of… Read more »

9 years ago

I have already addressed what I believe occurred and why a direct attack against me took place.

I am 100% heterosexual and do not care what people think of me except for those who matter in my life.

If any of you feel that I am irrelevant and not worthy of representing & advocating for the existence & future of white children, let’s have a vote.

I will disappear and none of you will hear from me again if the vote results favor that.

9 years ago

By the way. Good show Drew. Spot on with the people/groups you mentioned. When I first started in this struggle in 2007-2008, I looked up to Delaney and JAM and even went to meet them in Wisconsin. The day I got there, they were working on a video to promote off the grid living, stating that they have permission to live on the Lakota tribal lands. This was around the time frame of when the Lakotas allegedly broke off from the Federal Reserve and started issuing their own currency. So to me it (Project Off the Grid) was a ploy to extort money out of people in the “truth/patriot” movement who were aware of Russell Means (who seems to be like other snakes in the… Read more »

9 years ago

Hey Drew, I heard your Asatru caller say that someone was on Carolyn Yeager’s show saying that English came from Hebrew (or was it Hebrew from English?). I don’t recall that, certainly not in recent times. Was it 3 years ago or something? I think when people on YOUR show make comments about other people’s shows, you should insist they give the details, like when and who, to see if they’re not passing on bad information. You’re wrong about CI people “having to buy Kosher food” in the supermarket. You are talking about lazy people on this show, but this show reveals laziness on your part for not checking the accuracy of the things you say. By the way, I was the first one to… Read more »

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