Right Perspective: The Anti-White “Truth” Jihadi (6-19-17)

Davis lets it rip concerning the White Muslim who takes every opportunity to spew anti-White hatred, make excuses for the Muslim invasion, take it easy on jewish power, and still try to make it seem like he is on our side because he states the obvious about 9/11.

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6 years ago

Turns out that Renegade has been right about just about everything. Time really does tell. I’m glad that Renegade has helped people understand the depth of infiltration that exists in the “alt media” and especially the “White Nationalist” segment. Sure, the kikes want to introduce “White Sharia”. Why not? They will do anything to debase us and make a mockery of us. “White Sharia”… “Mate with Negroes”…. “Believe all Faked Events”… “Civilian Disarmament….for the children”. These jewish memes are laughable. Even more so – is anyone who falls for any of it.

Reply to  Pat
6 years ago

That is what truly pains me. Not all the kikery and their stupid trash, but that people actually but their poison. THAT will forever turn over my brain.

6 years ago

That “White muslim” is a real anti-White sewer rat!! An utterly despicable piece of dung!

Robyn Hoode
6 years ago

Watch it Davis, you’ll upset that muslim apologist Ingrid B & all her Mami’s Shitheads! LMFAO!

Shawna Marie
Reply to  Dan
6 years ago

LOL one reply to this vid was
The ancient Egyptians were Chinese. DEY WUZ CHANGZ

Nick Spero
6 years ago

Kevin Barrett has stated in one of his False Flag shows that Europe’s Golden Age was when Islam controlled Spain/Portugal & when the Ottomans controlled the Balkan region. I called him out on that in the comment section on jewtube.

Reply to  Nick Spero
6 years ago

I heard Barrett once go after Brandon Martinez with that same rhetoric. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one. I cannot listen to Barrett anymore😉

Reply to  Gennifer
6 years ago

I would rather listen to Barrett than listen to Martinez shill for the clash of civilizations and toe the official line on every terror attack that takes place.

Reply to  Greg
6 years ago

Brandon Martinez was previously known as ZCF (Zion Crime Factory) and is quite definitely a paid agent. He ALWAYS supports official stories of Faked Atrocity events. He’s even been featured as a “guest” on Press TV. Isn’t that interesting? LOL

6 years ago

AGENT ALERT: If you didn’t already know – Hal Turner the Federal Informant is back online here: http://halturnershow.com So now you can choose between informants like Anglin and many other. Isn’t it great to have choices?

hal martin
6 years ago

http://archive.is/AsK9w For 600 words of reality inversion worthy of a world record for Taqiyya, Kevin Barrett from his noliesradio.org/archives/126154 , “First, ‘white’ is not a deep historical identity. ‘Whiteness’ was constructed in the 19th century as an excuse to persecute ‘non-whites.'” “Second: The ‘immigrant crisis’ hysteria about alleged brown-skinned criminal hordes overrunning Europe is RACIST BULLSHIT. Hundreds of millions of dollars in propaganda money has produced this bogus perception of a crisis, which is fed by hysterical lies. …People spreading this hysteria are committing one of the worst crimes against humanity, propaganda for genocide. (Many are presumably getting paid by the Islamophobia industry to do so.)” “Third: To the extent that impoverished immigrants in Europe live in ghettos with high crime rates (like all ghettos)… Read more »

6 years ago

“I was looking for truth, that led me to Islam”. This guy must’ve fallen from the highest nest as a child.

Some feedback for you Davis: You have great insight and say a lot of important things, but the music from those clips is terrible. The prank phone calls were pretty funny, but it is hard to understand some of them. Maybe clip the audio a little more (to get rid of the music and crazy sound effects). You are also replaying the same clips.

Just some constructive criticism.

6 years ago

What happened to this guy? Did he quit too?

Foster XL
Reply to  Retroactive
6 years ago

Was wondering this myself. To be honest he seemed a little out of place here.

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