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4 years ago

5G will ultimately program people much more directly and efficiently than TV and schools. Half bot, half human, 100% Jew loving retard, that’s the goyim class of the future.

Did you see that Jewess faking the vaccine injection?

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Was Trump’s message code for WAR-p? The 5G towers could be sound weapons to trigger the (((natural))) disasters, after their false flag fake nuke attack. Didn’t the biblical israelites supposedly use the sound of their Trump-ets to destroy the wall surrounding Jericho? Experts say it most probably was an “earthquake”. Hmm.

P.S. Sound show, mate (that’s means rather good, here in yidland). Must dash, have to use my Beats (88 in gematria) buds to listen to an attractive lady “ASMR me” a lockdown haircut on virtual tube.

Steve the bicyclist
4 years ago

Every once in a while I used to run a search for microwave weapons, herf guns, microwave guns and electronic weapons. Once I found one that used magnetic collimators to focus the beam. (Hard math on that one!) It could burn wet plywood at a quarter mile. Super dangerous to use since part of the beam could be reflected back at the user. Dude tested it remotely. Others that had much less range and used steel tubing as a “barrel.” (My bet is that today the modern ones use “scalar waves” from several devices to aim “beams” at targets.) The best ones used high powered “commercial” microwave ovens. They all required a very high amount of electricity. Most of them were of the low budget… Read more »

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