Solar Storm: Al – Save Our Seniors From Abuse and Exploitation (3-8-20)

Kyle speaks to Al from Canada about his experience dealing with the sickness and eventual death of his two parents and how a financial planner, a lawyer, a sibling, and medical providers conspired to drain wealth and prevent proper care. His website is

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4 years ago

So bloody evil greedy people around the older generation, they are predators and the older generation are so trusting as it was never like this when they were younger…So sad

Reply to  JennyG
4 years ago

Yes, just look at the booming industry of mega “retirement villages” being built by mega insurance corporations & the like. They are literally investing in death. Although residents pay high weekly fees after an initial “purchase” to enjoy all the facilities. the biggest chunk of profit is made when a “customer” dies & they can resell the abode at ever-increasing market rates to the next temporary resident & so & so on. In many cases the resident only gets back what they first paid for the abode & does not share in the profit made from increased property value no matter now long they live there. It’s a horrible business!

Jason Car
4 years ago

A lot of people are getting tired of this sort of thing in America. Some Judges, lawyers and so-called APS “social workers” are all working together illegally to basically kidnap elders from their families. Don’t let these people into your life. Even a federal court finally used some pretty hard language in one case. Read this:

Federal Court Equates Elder Guardianship to Racketeering

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