The Solar Storm: Angelo John Gage (3-1-15)


Kyle again speaks to Angelo John Gage, the chairman of National Youth Front. Topics include: anti-supremacism, the philosophy behind the NYF symbol, Arizona State University Whiteness Problem, destroying the myth of White privilege, upcoming activism, and so much more.

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9 years ago

Great show, well done to Kyle Hunt and Angelo John Gage. You guys disconnected in the middle of the HB1 visa guy. Very appropriate. LOL

Tony M
9 years ago

Very good show with Angelo. Waking our folk is so difficult these days without people running away. I’m having high hopes for the NYF

9 years ago

I am pleased to hear that old pro -ant-HB1 visa guy. Thanks Kyle , He was a perfect example of an Anti-White that is in denial that he is really brainwashed by the Anti-Whites to support them . Think about what he said he thinks the solution is to putting White race people back to work. Call your congressman / rep. WTF? Those people are ALL controlled by the rich Anti-Whites through payoffs of money & stuff. It just reminds me how much our own old RICH White race people have been & still are duped . White Old people have a hard time admitting they failed , ( On their watch) , in maintaining control of the White race And gave it ALL away… Read more »

9 years ago

I was listening to a marathon podcast a couple of weeks ago that had some really great advice from a guy called Chad Lilly at the 7 hour 46 mark [quote]He said (the man Chad was working for, a rich man): Chad, you’re a real smart guy, how’s that working out for you? I said: Not very well He said: Let me tell you a secret. People don’t care what you know. They care how you make them feel. [/quote] which is exactly along the lines of what I’ve been saying for the past year: people don’t care about what you know, they care HOW you make them feel, the so-called HOW something is said and done, the ‘class’ you bring to your interactions,… Read more »

9 years ago

“Whiteness problem?” There is no “Whiteness problem!” We have a BLACK PROBLEM for sure. We have a MEXICAN PROBLEM too. But the number one problem we are cursed with is a JEWISH PROBLEM and its subversive nature and subversive attacks these Jewish supremacist devils, so called-“progressives”, have unleashed upon America, especially since those Frankfurt School rats (all Jews) were booted out of National Socialist Germany in the 1930s and on these shores, embedded themselves in our institutions of higher learning infecting, poisoning, corrupting the minds of countless students with their anti-Christian, anti-White gentile, anti-everything decent, moral, wholesome and American, Jewish supremacist agenda.

8 years ago

Regarding the connection problems. Why the hell would you use Skype still? Try which is peer-to-peer.

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