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1 year ago

“Odysee refused to connect…” Whatever its other merits, sadly in my experience odysee does not lend itself well to presenting audio in economic dimensions and easily downloadable – after all how many watch a browser throughout to hear a podcast? odysee’s videos in my experience are ridiculously oversized; so absent an available mp3 format, e.g. bitchute (whatever its other downside) does have the advantage generally that i) its files are far smaller and ii) one can easily save them to play on a mobile device for instance using either the web interface or eg developer tools in Chromium etc without the need for add-ons. Video’s fine for use where the visuals are integral to the message but otherwise imo is just needless bandwidth and not… Read more »

Wise Goyim
1 year ago

Good show Kyle!

1 year ago

I’m amazed by so many modern people who like the aesthetic of apocalyptic lands, probably the video games like Fallout popularising it.
I can’t stand it, I like blue sky and trees!

1 year ago

Alex Jones noted that Ted Turner’s grandmother lived in that county not far from the farm where the Georgia Guidestones. The man who commissioned the guidestone project had mentioned to the contracted builder of the projectmentioned that a greatgrandmother had lived on a farm in the area. Te Tuirner grew up in Georgia. He has 5 children, no info is provides about them in wikipedia,. Turner in wikipedia has the largest bison herd in America to be sure there is plenty of bison for his grill. ELimination of beef/meat is now a NWO panopticon prison planet little-people utopia. RFB opined that the guidestones related to Agenda 21 goals and they are accomplished and perhaps that is why the guidestones were destroyed. Today somewhre -the radio… Read more »

NeiL Haworth
1 year ago

I had to scroll down a lot to be able to find this site I thought it was gone.

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