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William Wood
11 months ago

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a used Northface duffle bag off of ebay. Now I want to puke. Unbelievable. I’m thinking of throwing it away when it arrives and just buying something else..

11 months ago

The jews made up the race classification with skin color and hair type.. not skeletal similarities and blood type .. All “black” Americans are not African some of us are indigenous to America there has been 3 GREAT RESETS AKA mud floods since the 1300s the changed our timeline … The druids aka the ancient irish people came to america 1200 AD and coexisted with the natives until the jews and the blackmoors invaded .. please look into the hidden history of Tartaria .. most people consider me to be black because i have dark skin but I don’t have psychical attributes like a typical black woman out side of having brown skin and curly hair ..My nose isnt big and wide and my skull… Read more »

11 months ago

The druids had red hair and O negative blood .. even tho my hair is brown it has red undertones .. And I love GINGERS .. REAL MEN have red hair and big dicks .. I think you are so fine btw

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