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4 years ago


RE “the hands” biz; totally involuntary, DNA level behavior. He’s not even aware of it…. 😛

Reply to  flower
4 years ago

The picture has now been put in “protected tweet” status and is not viewable…

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

These three hoax events are, in my opinion, the judeomasonic psychopaths’ final push. You watch, zog will miraculously come together, hold hands and pass (((laws))) banning your guns.

PS Thanks Kyle and Sinead. You are the only genuine “public service” voices for White people. Keep safe, and keep fighting.
Bonus woo woo: “Ned Peppers” is 118 (Aug 11th), in jew-matria.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

CONor Bets.
PaTRICK Crusius.

4 years ago

On this note; you HAVE to watch a walkthough of a “game” called Detroit: Become Human, I think it is quit relevant to the agenda. Agenda relevant. LoL. There is even a holococker termination scene in it. It is far too lengthy to discuss, but I really recommend having a look, if you can allocate the time. Im not sure how useful it is but the racial programming and disgused and not so disguised “historical” propaganda in there is just ludicrous. The whole thing is a pro nig anti White propaganda pitch. It will make you laugh tho.

4 years ago

The shoe story is hilarious.

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