Solar Storm: Charles Giuliani – The Hidden History of Ancient America (2-3-19)

Kyle speaks with Charlie about how he came to be interested in America’s real history, the many ancient structures found in New England, Celts and the Tribe of Dan, traces of the jews in the Americas, the mound builders, Kennewick Man, the Solutreans of long ago, the genocides of ancient Whites, and so much more.

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Yutaka Uno
5 years ago

I miss your shows, Charles.

5 years ago

Awesome interview. Always great to hear from Charles. Thank you Kyle for all your efforts.

5 years ago

Great show guys, man it’s good to hear CG again I’m saving up for his book it’s on my watch list .
Didn’t know he was an 88er …. nice pic .

Reply to  Reboot
5 years ago
Reply to  Slinky
5 years ago

That last part was a joke I listen to his shows also , I don’t want to trigger anyone .

Danielle Marin
Reply to  Reboot
5 years ago

Reboot, I hear you, and that’s actually really quite hilarious…I’m sure it’s just a weird coincidence he happens to have a jacket with an 88 on it, as we of course know he is not an 88er. Still, it is kind of odd to see clothing with numbers on it that isn’t some kind of jersey/sports garment. It’s not even a HS jacket because I know he graduated HS before I did, and I am an “88”er (cause I graduated in ’88 ; ) ).
Plus that is 10 years old, wow.

5 years ago

Haven’t finished listening yet but a good show.
The “devils marbles” is an interesting site in Australia. I don’t know if it is one of the type of sites mentioned, and we are taught that they were formed by erosion, but who knows?
Also sites just outside of Melbourne, Australia with boulders balancing on top of other rocks.
As a kid i remember asking my parents “how did those rocks get up there?”

5 years ago

I forgot to respond to Kyle’s comment on the Pathfinder movie. I couldn’t agree more with you Kyle. What an insulting misrepresentation! It perpetuates the same anti-white narrative that the American Indians were these peace-loving tree-hugging tribes that lived in harmony with one another. We know that’s complete rubbish as they were constantly warring with each other and murdering each other’s camps. It goes on to depict the European explorers as evil incarnated. They don’t even look human in the movie. They dress them up like monsters and have them aimlessly murder all the poor Indians just for the hell of it before leaving. The movie then has the settlers deliberately leave their own child behind because the young boy refused to join in on… Read more »

5 years ago

Learned a lot from this show. Thank you.

Only thing… Can’t hear Max Igan’s name without qualifying his support (covered here at Renegade in depth by Sinead and others) for Zen Gardner, one of the leaders of the pedo cult, Children of God. For me, not mentioning that is like giving him a pass, a kind of validation. Just had to say.

5 years ago

“Renegade broadcasting,…….. hard-hitting….. talk radio”. “Your time has come….. a storm is coming……” All sounds very professional and intriguing! The second GIF I just couldn’t resist showing! Hope that was not her time!

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5 years ago

Charles and Kyle – American treasures…. I saw a lot of artifacts growing up, because all my male relatives collected arrowheads, pottery, flint shards – I think the south is less picked over. Here’s a man (of mostly Creek Indian ethnicity) who has a big collection.
I wonder if some of these arrowheads are European, anyone know? The show makes me want to go out and wander around mounds and creek beds.

Allison MacPherson
5 years ago

I’m so glad C.G. is back! I especially enjoyed the topic the caller brought up, regarding the evidence of ancient early Euro communities in North America. It is totally plausible that people from Europe settled the Americas. But laws were passed to keep this evidence covered up. The social engineers do not want mass mind to understand that Europeans were here before the Asians. There entire Native American victims of evil white people agenda would collapse. This is a similar cover-up of the fact that Jews ran the African slave trade. If that was common knowledge, the attack on white people as being responsible for slavery in the U.S. would also collapse. It is amazing how hard they work in their malevolent deceptions. Truly evil.

5 years ago

I’m so HAPPY Charlie returned! I’ve missed him! Great show both of you!

5 years ago

The so-called “jews” are a cargo cult, a wannabe-identity of mongrelized Mongoloids, who basically hope to hijack the identity of the Aryan (Europoid) race. They have specialized in manipulating the unique sense of fairness, idealism and — connected to this — guilt of the Europoid race, qualities that were and are pivotal to develop the buildingblocks of civilisation. The word jew (‘djew’)/jude/jood/juif/yahud derives from ‘Þiudans/thiudans’, meaning king and ‘thiuda’ meaning ‘people’ . These words are related to ‘teuton’ and ‘Deutch’. Everything is fake and ‘so-called’ about “jews” and their real, extremely degenerate history is their highest secret. They didn’t and don’t exist as they present it to us: they are totally false flag. The “jewish” cargo cult is based on hijacked symbols, names, etc. stolen… Read more »

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