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Joel Reid
3 years ago

Hearing Kyle speak about The Handmaid’s Tale, I had to check it out. In the sixth episode of the first season, several Handmaids are taken to some party, as a privilege or special outing. To a party for the upper echelons of their society, the ruling class. One of the Handmaids says, upon entering the venue,..”I think I came to a Bat-Mitzvah here once” Just one of those little things, I guess. And had to point it out.

3 years ago

Oh how the leopard can never hide its spots

Steve the bicyclist
3 years ago

Them pentecostal nut jobs love their gibbering blather! They are a special kind of crazy, and the only thing blacks fear is crazy! Pentecostal people are also a smug ignorant group. Perfect for blacks! They get the benefits of rhythmic gibberish and all the attention of a voodoo possession without the chicken blood mess. I figure it’s a way to put the “genie” (monkey) back in their bottle. Remember, the jews controled their slaves with chriSTAINity long ago. I think they want to Catholic them. Lots of pomp and rituals to satisfy them. Make them feel important… Blacks are a very superstitious group but they don’t like Latin! My guess is they want to unify – and reorganize – their jewsus game. Complicate it to… Read more »

roland avery
Reply to  Steve the bicyclist
3 years ago

i understand your general sentiments ty

roland avery
Reply to  roland avery
3 years ago

i think the assemblies of gawd are the most brainwashedthe pentocostolist in far in the rear here

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