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4 years ago

Thanks Kyle, great work as usual.

Steve the bicyclist
4 years ago

In the audio book, “the international jew” by Henry Ford, one of the nyc trades jews are said to do is, “the needle trades!” Sewing and tayloring etc. Because it’s piece-work that they can leave it at any time to group-up and go and protest or cause political mischief somewhere… Apparently, it’s the only actual physical labor THE MEN are (were) willing to do. Each type of work had a “union” that collected dues. (Driving the price of clothing up.) They even had “button hole makers” unions! Lol! My bet is that union money was loaned out to clever jews as startup money… Knitting also uses needles. Large ones. But they have little hooks on the ends to grab yarn. Over mankinds history lots of… Read more »

John from NC
4 years ago

Back when I used to pay attention to Michael Tsarion, he once said the Rolling Stone’s song Dandelion was a song about child sacrifice and that a “Dandelion” was a code word for the child. That disturbed me for awhile and then I saw a clip from a British tv show honoring jimmy savile, praising him for all his years of “service”. There were guest celebrities coming on to thank him and give him praise, and a video came on of Bill Wyman, bass player for the stones, thanking savile, and with a nod and a wink, said something like, me and the other boys in the band want to thank you for all the parties you threw for us. It was very creepy. They… Read more »

4 years ago

Fascinating connections you’ve made Kyle.
I think my first real tv/movie freak out as a child was that disturbing creature pictured above.
Amazing and not surprising Dizzknee added him.
Made the wicked witch of the west look like a joke.

4 years ago

The top hat of the magician is the same hat of the Warlock – another lock connection. The Jew as vampire is evident not only from their child sacrifice and circumcision rituals but also from their burial practices, they believe bodies must be buried by sunset and the body must be as intact as possible. Your observation that some public figures look exactly like people on antique photos is a hint to the supposed ageless immortality of the vampire, the eternal Jew indeed! Since they own the media and entertainment industries, what is easier than to sell us the fable of them having the same natural lifecycles as us… Would be interesting to know what happened in the jewish areas in Eastern Europe when the… Read more »

3 years ago

YHVH = Satan = Molokh = rat mentality of Jews

YHVH: Never tell the whole thing!
Satan: (eternal) accusers = always kvetching
Molokh: (their) king = no other authority than themselves

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