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2 years ago

LoL I just saw the Buffalo staged shooting propaganda pitch. It looks like the Whtie genocide is leaking into public consciousness and people are noticing it, hence the need for this obvious stunt. Always a White soopremasist and them po’ blik peepul boo hoo! They are paling this off as Replacement “THEORY”, downplaying the agenda.

2 years ago

Cryptos dipped the same back in January, but there was no big flap about it. I think this is deliberate to pass some regulation, but they will be back up again. There is something going on, they don’t just dip like that, I think the banks want to contrive some form of controlling cryptos because they hate the fact they dont have exclusive control over them.

2 years ago

Kyle, the work that you, Sinead, Charlie, Nick, Dana. and everyone inbetween has done over the years has not been for nothing. I know things have been hard on the network and the fight seems like its an impossibly heavy boulder being pushed up a mountain , but dont lose hope. I was 15 when I found the network and I’m forever grateful that I learned the truth. There’s a lot of us in my generation that have woken up and your content is viewed on the web more times than you know. Don’t ever give up.
Long Live King Kyle

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