The Solar Storm: Gerhard Lauck – Third Reich Books (7-31-16)

hitler-reading-book (2)

Kyle speaks to Gerhard Lauck of and about a variety of topics, such as: internet activism after being released from German prison, the variety of Third Reich original books he offers, what the NSDAP/AO is like doing these days, how people can get involved, and what could be coming our way politically.

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7 years ago

There might not be an absolutely secure electronic communication, but i think we should at least use what is available, anybody should use encrypted email by default.
Just like you lock your door by default, even if you know that theres no absolutely secure door.
I use Thunderbird+Enigmail. 99% of my mail is still unencrypted though because almost no one uses encryption.

7 years ago

another great show and guest kyle, thanks and thank you herr lauck for all you work over the years.

7 years ago

Excellent show. Really a sign that things are picking up! AGAINST ALL ODDS!

7 years ago

I remember getting some mail from Mr Lauck years ago, he’s def an “OG” lol to use a nigger phrase

6 years ago

SS Men were among The Best Men on the earth. I have found so much joy in reading the SS Culture Series. These books, although they may appear small, offer so much, and quite literally make the many thousands of dollars I have spent on ”self help”, ”history”, ”esoterica” and comparable so called literature seem like utter garbage. I seriously may just have my own book burning. This Yule, I will most likely Only be giving books from the Third Reich Series. The Poisonous Mushroom for the children that I know, and The SS Command and Leadership for men. If every child could be sincerely educated, and every man inspired to exceed the standards of the noble SS Man, what an ENTIRELY different world we… Read more »

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