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1 year ago

Some unfunny leftist did a documentary on Woes, it has several Renegade clips and references to Sinead in it, including song clips! Though it can’t paint you guys in a bad way, it’s mostly focused on Woes.
Of course it implies Renegade was in the ‘alt right’ with everyone else and does what we all suspected which was showcase the woman-haters.
Like I said, it was surprising to see a clip of you and Sinead speaking against the woman hating stuff so the guy failed in some ways with his documentary.

1 year ago

This Swedish band was very interesting. Would be great if they were indeed writing pro-NS lyrics and their sympathies were sincere! One thing for sure, they’d never get away with it now that Europe has gone full-jew-ahead!
On a mystery note, the blonde lead singer, Malin Berggren – one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen – quit the band when they were still very popular. Said she couldn’t stand flying or being in the limelight. She shunned her fame and outright disappeared. I hear she guards her p²rivacy! Could it be she sensed being pulled into the jew vortex that eventually ruins every pop star?

Robert Heimdal
1 year ago

Sorry, I couldn’t find a place where to post this image on the Tribune.
We need an annual meme contest on this.
Happy Thanks jews Day 2022!

Thanks jews Hollywood Sign.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by Robert Heimdal
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