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2 years ago

I’ve never heard of this site, but it claims Jean-Luc Brunel was born to jewish parents. There are several other sites that make the same claim.

2 years ago

Kyle; Dylan or Chaggot is Baked Alaska’s jewish friend. He was first sighted on the Killstream alongside half-Turkish ‘Sweet Erin’ and a brown woman who helped push White Sharia. Dylan was making a play for Erin who was ignoring Baked Alaska and people in chat thought his voice was faggoty, along with his ‘wigger’ (jigger) behaviour. But they also thought he was acting like a ‘chad’ so they combined the two into his nickname which stuck as Chaggot! He has Aspergers and a crazy jewish dad who made money of his son by writing a book on autism about Dylan! That weird PPP guy did a review and the book is disturbing, the abusive father and jewish doctor who shot him up with drugs probably… Read more »

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