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Aidan Kelly
1 year ago

First time commenting, great show so far! From Manchester NH

1 year ago

I noticed that you didn’t set Brave to receive brave rewards
Is there a reason for that ?

1 year ago

Best show to date. I think we need to explain the root of dominionism in Babylonian / Jewish rooted Serpent worship of YAHWEH. Many people, included in this movement do not understand the duality of Jehova-Satan and that all Abrahamic religions if not all religions after subversion are his. All goes back to YAHWEH and his 72 names. From 22+5 letters he created the world. For those who can phatom that your only true enemy was within. You, created by him, baring his creation, walking on it. He, YAHWEH although used energy from “another world” (the secret of the Kalachakra – emprison divine energy in a matrial world) that is indeed taught to many as being hell (Jehovah Witnesses, Catholics, Mormons), a world made of… Read more »

Guy Rocket
1 year ago

Can’t you go back to (or choose as an option of) a downloadable MP3 version. I like to transfer to my MP3 player and listen when I’m turning compost or something – Is pend to long infornt of the PC as it is. Listening from P0land
Also better for archiving.

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