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1 year ago

To me Dugins Eurasianism sounds like it reflects the geographical nature of Russia and is an attempt to keep Russia united by accepting the mongols out east. I haven’t read any of his books, so I’ll reserve judgement on him, but if he isn’t naming the Jew, why bother?

Reply to  Paul
1 year ago

Dugin is a bit scatter brained.

Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

I share your fury Kyle, but can’t compartmentalise like you, so i have to block out much of this discrimination and filth from the jewish supremacists. I end up feeling numb inside.
This is why so many of our folk ignore what’s actually going on, imo. Whites are being attacked on every front, but if you are young and want any type of career, you stay silent.
I just wish the ‘chosen’ would overstep the mark enough for our folk to wake, before any type of (((civil war))) is instigated.
Keep up the good work.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

Im not going to be optimistic but I have seen signs. Some of the jutoob channels I am subbed to are FINALLY starting to clock the “White man bad” trope pushed from hollyjew. A lot of the latest movie and series released are crashed because of them and the backlash is growing.

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