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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

With 200K White unborn babies murdered annually, and without 400K trafficked immigrant invaders, how to you expect the U.K’s Hinduja family, Mr Ratcliffe, Mr Mittal, Mr Dyson or Mr Abramovich to retain their billions, and shield the hidden jewish trillionaire families, Kyle? Come on son. Aryan facts are anti-semitic and anti-communist. It’s a fact!

P.S Good show, Kyle. Follow Renegade and FACT-cinate your family and friends with the truth about White genocide, carried out by the jewish supremacists.

John from NC
3 years ago

I have definitely never thought all lives matter. What a ridiculous slogan.

Reply to  John from NC
3 years ago

I thınk it is controlled yes

Iron Leaf
3 years ago

Encountered the unpleasant surprise of mandatory mask wearing at the grocery store today. I couldn’t help but chuckle ever so slightly since this is all so stupid because it’s so obviously hyperbolic and nonsensical, especially considering how long this has been going on for without any proof of having actually been going on in the first place. And as predicted, they loosened things up just to come back down hard. I was able to finally refund/exchange a few things just the other day, now this. Of course, I didn’t actually wear a mask. I grabbed one off the desk and threw it in my cart just to get in. They were also charging a dollar for it. So much for mandatory, huh? I was the… Read more »

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