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9 years ago

S. Trek original series The enemy within episode . What are YOU inside .1. More of a acting savage or, 2.More of a talking intellectual communicator? Which ones philosophy is better in the long run over millions of years ? Which philosophy has lasted the longest? Does the fact that it has lasted the longest make it the best one to use in your life? I also kind of like an old 50’s sci fi movie even though it had cheezzy 50’s dialect & space uniforms But , the story was good I thought . Unfortunately , in the end the idiot space enforcer-most likely an Anti-White , (representing the Earth), blew up the extinct aliens planet , using the extinct aliens own machine that… Read more »

9 years ago

Great show, thank you.
I don’t whether this was a conscious decision, but Kyle’s choice in movies seemed to be influenced among others by the work of John Milius.

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