The Solar Storm: Nick Grifford (2-15-15)


Kyle interviews Nick Grifford of White Independent Nation about a variety of topics related to White community building, including: re-colonization, the New Tribe, successes and failures of the past, steps needed to ensure our survival, an all-encompassing idea, and an ideal long-term vision for the future.

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9 years ago

I really liked what Nick Grifford had to say. At last a solution that makes sense.

9 years ago

1. White separation is unworkable. When whites, if whites, stop paying federal taxes the washington loonies will encourage the minorities to slaughter us. The best way to go proactive- stand up against the H 1 B Visa. Right now two senators are working to end the H 1 B Visa. Jeff Sessions (Alabama) and Chuck Grassley (Iowa). These men need our support. 2. There never was a Baby Boomer ‘drug scene’. You are fooling yourself watching old motorcycle movies starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda. The illegitimate birth rate in the 1960’s was a mere 5%. Right now the illegitimate birth rate is over 50%. 35% in whites, 70% + in non whites. Worse, most of today’s illegitimate children are born with fetal alcohol syndrome… Read more »

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