Solar Storm: Palestinians, PaleSkinians & Chewing the Fat (11-17-19)

Kyle talks about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, how it relates to our cause, and how jewish supremacists are continuing to pull out all the stops in their genocidal agenda. He then talks about how fat people are getting and why.

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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

All we can do is keep chipping away at the mountain of lies and deceptions used by the jewish supremacists, to keep our race mentally and physically enslaved. I still believe there will be a great awakening of our people, thanks to Renegade.

PS Happy Birthday Kyle. You and Sinead both exemplify Aryan strength and compassion. It is much needed in these horrific times.

4 years ago

Happy Birthday, Kyle. And I hope you are proud of your chef abilities. Most of the great chefs over the ages were actually men. My own dad was a gourmet chef. So keep those beautifully baked breads coming and have a birthday that delights your spirit.


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