The Solar Storm: Patrick – Return of the Aryans (2-5-17)

Kyle speaks with Patrick of The Ancient Aryan Society about our ancient past, the mainstream mockery of our people, the role of the jewish people through our history, how we struggle in an increasingly de-Aryanized world, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Another great info-packed show Kyle, and a big thank you to your guest. Patrick is correct, we have to keep chipper and not fall for jew deceptive stats. We are in a perilous state, but our quality, if not quantity, will win through.

Yes, we see and feel them all around us, but if we keep spreading the truth on: preserving your bloodline, natural foods and childbirth, home/parental teaching, shielding from jew filth propaganda, media lies/hoaxes, i do believe we Aryans will rule over our own lands again.

7 years ago

In relation to the history of whites being hijacked by Jews. There is a Polish film about paganism in Poland called ‘An Ancient Tale: When the Sun Was a God” released as “Army of Valhalla” in the UK. The director of the movie was Jerzy Hoffman. Both the screenwriters, Józef Hena and Jerzy Hoffman..Jewish. The movie was based on the book by 19th century writer Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski who’s ties are also interesting. “As a result of his dispute with conservative public opinion on his critical assessment of the gentry’s attitude towards peasants, in 1859 he accepted the proposal of Leopold Kronenberg, a wealthy Polish banker of Polish-Jewish origin from Warsaw, to become the editor of the “Gazeta Warszawska” and he moved with his family… Read more »

7 years ago

Love the new site @ Renegade Vids (.com).

Thank you!

And, don’t be humble. Advertise your new sites and new vids as they go up. It is important as many people are exposed to the truth as possible.

7 years ago

In my opinion, Patrick is spot on with regards to European’s having evolved from Neanderthal’s. Neanderthal’s were (are) highly intelligent beings, whose average brain size was larger than modern man’s. They existed in Europe for hundreds of thousands of years, being shaped and having adapted to the same environments we modern Europeans have. The jew as Neanderthal canard is a lie designed to confuse the issue of Out of Africa versus Multi-Regional Theory. Leftists, jews, non-Whites, Cultural Marxist’s want there to be a single origin for man, as in we are one species. When in fact, we are multiple species, such as the negro, chinaman, wagon burner (actually of chinaman lineage), European etc. I have a couple degrees, and one of them is in Anthropology.… Read more »

7 years ago

I am definitely going to get Chouinard’s books. Thanks for letting us all know his website and for the great interview!

7 years ago

I have seen assertions that red hair is associated with jewry though it hardly makes sense. REDBIERD was one of the jewish famous pirates, but red hair seems to be associated with Scotland and Denmark. Jewry is associated with Holland whence went the jewish financiers etc. after being expulsed from he Iberian Peninsular. In 2004 two Melungeon jews from Appalachia published a book “When Scotland Was Jewish” [I believe that was the title] in which they presented their research which was motivated by originating from a region in the US where there were many families like their own who identified as jews and some which had adopted Christianity but were conscious of thie anceestry being jews who migrated from Scotland perhaps six generations ago yet… Read more »

7 years ago

Great show with a great informative guest. Good to hear European pyramids mentioned. Does anyone have a link to this hillbilly lady? I like what she has to say beyond the redice reference. Does she have a podcast or blog, anyone knows of?

Alexander from Flanders
7 years ago

Great show (shame about the audio problems in the first part). This is the Renegade that I like!

When is Horus coming back? It’s been a while since he appeared on the Solar Storm. I would love to hear his take on all the current happenings.

7 years ago

Please check out the JewTube channel MrE3000. He has some amazing videos outing all the trannies in Hollywood. He claims almost every major star is a tranny. It sounds crazy, but after watching about 15 of his videos, I think he’s on to something. Sandra Bullock….tranny, Madonna……tranny, Raquel Welch…….tranny, Taylor Swift……tranny. It does sound bat-shit crazy, but watch the videos and come to your own conclusions. The only problem with MrE3000 is that he is a Christ-tard who says it’s the Illuminati behind all this. He never says the dreaded “J” word. I’ve got a feeling the guy is a crypto. Nevertheless, I think his conclusions are spot on.

7 years ago

In this interview this man speaks of the “evolution” myth as something as being real (as long as I listened to, about an hour) but then in his writings on the Renegade Tribune he writes the other side of the story, based on ancient writings (that “evolution” is not how we got here)?
He said at around the 35min mark that it was possibly “our evolutionary path” to become smaller compared to the giants of past times. What nonsense. Make up your mind mr. Chouinard.
Any self-proclaimed researcher on these topics who is stuck in the evolution lie loses quite a bit of credibility.
Maybe its just that he is still learning as well, so he makes mistakes. Nevertheless, some interesting discussions so far.

jOsh in Kentucky
7 years ago

Thanks for having Patrick on again, I can’t get enough of this guy!

7 years ago

I just watched Sinead’s video on RenegadeVids about ultrasound. I hope everyone will share that video with anyone you know who is pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. Great information.

6 years ago

[…] I have spoken at length about what I call the Aryan sun gods, or sky people. In fact on an episode of The Solar Storm, I discussed this matter briefly with Kyle Hunt. While our achievements as White Aryans surely […]

Robyn Pruitt
4 years ago

Where can I find Sinead’s video that Patrick mentioned? is no longer available

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