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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

When you were speaking, i couldn’t help but picture those hat-wearing, coated and bloated jewish supremacists who encircle every major world leader puppet. How very rude of them not to follow White country etiquette….as they openly genocide our race, and enslave humanity. Well not for much longer. The bad manners, as well as their 106 year kill-off agenda, will not go unpunished.

PS Jolly good show, Kyle. I realised something was wrong with “our” materialistic society in my early thirties, but it took me another twenty years to find Renegade, and the simple answer. The path is long and daunting, but the reward will be priceless!

4 years ago

Kyle is telling the truth! God bless him and all at Renegade Broadcasting.

4 years ago

If you mock the rightful king of England chris dorsey you will be lawfully executed. Ask me how I know that . lol.

Great show Kyle

4 years ago

“We got along just fine for a long time” , indeed we did Kyle in Canada, before the flooding took over, as you say.

4 years ago

It’s absolutely true that the more ‘diverse’ the area is, the less politeness and public kindness you’ll experience there. If you go into a gas station and the clerk smiles at you and says hello you can be fairly sure you’re in an area thats still 90%+ white. I was shocked the first time that happened to me. Of course it wasnt long ago when sir and mam were the expected way to address those older than yourself. I also hate it when I hear someone ordering something like, “let me get a..”, “lemme get dat..”, it’s nigbabble which is really idiotic sounding especially coming from a white person. Living under the generic cultureless zio-USA disease seems to bring out the worst in all races.… Read more »

4 years ago

Boom! Now that the Leftists are now becoming anti-Semitic Chris Dorsey has now become a spy agent in that movement.

Reply to  DRS
4 years ago

He really did sound like chris dorsey

4 years ago

Hey Kyle. I totally understand the trust issue, but just know you’ve got friends out there. Thanks for all you do.

William Wood
4 years ago

Now you have me off to watch The Dark Crystal on Bitchute… Skeksis. That’s hilarious!

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