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1 year ago

Ralphamania also had a speech by autist Ali Jamal, who read an Andrew Anglin post about Bill Cosby. The crowd literally started a ‘rape chant’.

1 year ago

Despite Emily Youcis being a degenerate, she still did this and deserves a tip of the hat for doing so.

(2) TOM JEvNS – Emily Youcis in HD – YouTube

Artemisia Imperatrix
1 year ago

Sorry to be late, but happy Imbolc ! Here is one of my vidéos (french only, but I provide a translation below) : Minimeuhmeuh fête Imbolc (chandeleur) ( “On this day, 1st february, I’m ready to celebrate Imbolc! Before becoming the Candlemas, it is a celtic celebration, anouncing the return of the Light! For the Celts originating from Hyperborea, at this time of the year, they saw the first rays of light from the sum, named “Spears of Balder” by their germanic counterparts. This is why they ate crepes, made of wheat, milk and eggs (brought in Europe by Atlanteans who inspired the Druids), round and yellow, like the Sun! But Imbolc also means “in the belly”, the belly of Brigid, goddess of blacksmiths, healers,… Read more »

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