The Solar Storm: Rick Tyler – A White America (7-3-16)

rick-tyler-billboard-copy (1)

Kyle speaks with Rick Tyler, who is running for Representative in the 3rd Congressional District and has made headlines with his “Make America White Again” billboard. Topics include: Rick’s upbringing in Miami and awakening to racial realities, his struggle to end pornography and educate about taxes, getting involved in the struggle to stop White genocide, his campaign platform, his awesome campaign bus, future plans, and much more.

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8 years ago

Many thanks for your willingness to stand up for our rights. Much luck to you Mr. Tyler. Many of us stand with and behind you!

Karen in E Tenn
Reply to  Jennifer
8 years ago

I agree. If I am in his district I just may register and actually vote.

Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

Although i think the jew created Abrahamic cult and political process are rabbit holes, you have to admire the bravery and dedication of this gentleman.
Why did the jew mainstream media promote the story worldwide? To derail Trump somewhat? Inflame their race war agenda, particularly in the south? Probably. If it can wake whites from their slumber, i think it can be viewed as a positive.
PS Please support this gentleman’s restaurant and don’t let the white self-haters ruin his business.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

Sometimes there is a chink in their armour (and I don’t mean a Chinese knight), which can be exploited. For example, if the other Euro memeber states can cotton on to leaving the EU and grief their government enough day and night, to leave, then their tactics can backfire on them if it is done hard enough and people exploit the move.

8 years ago

This guy is awesome! Great show, Kyle! I, too, hope he does the rounds on some bigger shows.

8 years ago

This guy is just a christfaggot who got jumped by a pack of groids.

His campaign slogan should be “make ZOG judeo-christian again”

Reply to  Steve
8 years ago

Oh, please, stop! He’s done more for the patriotic/nationalist cause that you have I bet. Typical keyboard warrior.

Was Not Was
Reply to  Steve
8 years ago

All the Bible talk from Tyler, who I personally believe is a crypto jew, is absolutely nauseating. On the off-chance that he is not a crypto, he is a Bible dupe….a massive one. As a white man, I never trust anyone who espouses a semitic religion. It’s friggin’ nonsense.

Ingrid B
8 years ago

You should ask Charles to e-mail you the revealing photo of Michael Kyle.. Hope you don`t mind if I send a word of warning here. Spingolas guest, a lady called Betty Martini has spent 25 years trying to warn people about a toxic substance called aspartame, which has been diabolically implemented to either kill people, or leave them with debilitating medical conditions. This poisonous substance is to be found in coca cola, and diet pepsi. It was deliberately inflicted on US military personell. Air force pilots were dropping dead from the effects. Once people were made aware, and stopped ingesting this poison, many made miraculous recoveries.. A little word about our Muslim brethren. A couple of days ago, two Muslim youth were badly beaten outside… Read more »

Reply to  Ingrid B
8 years ago

From someone in Europe with direct experience with these muslim ‘brothers’ I can report back that they are about as supportive of Pro-Whites as BLM and ‘La Raza’ activists. Now imagine if I was to tell American Pro-Whites that they should drop the racial angle, make up and work with those two types of activists. What do you think you would say…? – In Europe, where there are proportionately more than the US, Muslims thoroughly support the continuation and increase of mass immigration, greater integration with the European Union, the curtailment of free speech, stigmatising of White people through the ‘anti-racism’ agenda and opposing genuine patriotic parties. – They have absolutely 0, I repeat, 0 qualms working with Zionist supporting jewish organisation to further those… Read more »

Was Not Was
8 years ago

I’ve got $20 says Rick Tyler is a crypto jew. Hate to burst everybody’s bubble, but….. just sayin’.

7 years ago

The interviewee mentions that the tax on labor-income tax was deployed during WW II and deceptively named victory tax and was to end at end of the war but then that promise was not honored and the tax continued. This seems instructive in the matter of incursions into the sphere of control of free people and the desirability if not necessity of timely response to curb the incursion. However, organization is necessary including discussion and consensus to act or support action by a critical number of individuals . With every year, and more significantly with every generation, the solidification. and acceptance as unchangeable, the incursion will become. A long term boiled frog-process dilemma which if people understood the dilemma as something unwanted that can be… Read more »

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