Solar Storm: Sofia Smallstorm – Questioning the Nature of Viruses and Cancer (1-13-19)

Kyle speaks to Sofia Smallstorm about the crystalline nature of viruses, whether they are the cause or reaction to a disease, the importance of maintaining a healthy biome, explosive cancerous growth and radiation, how HeLa cells changed modern medicine, the big business of human tissues, possible bacteria in chemtrails, and more.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Don’t let the jewish supremacists destroy you or your children’s health with their mind and body poisons. Pass on your genetic protections of smell, touch and sound every day. Warn them of the dangers of being around other predatory sub-species.

Being in nature, moving your body throughout the day, and feeding it natural plant-based fuel, will give you and your family a fighting chance against these genocidal virus makers. Take back control of YOUR destiny!

PS Another dose of common sense and joined-up thinking from Sofia and Kyle. Thank you both for your insights.

mike angelo
5 years ago

Great discussion. Thanks. I believe that my rheumatoid arthritis was caused by vacinations that I had before world travelling with the Navy and possibly by antibiotics. It caused me to get a leaky gut allowing small proteins to get into the bloodstream and onto the joints. This sent my immune defence system into overdrive as it saw there was something on my joints that shouldn’t be. So my immune system started to attack my joints. Also there’s something called molecular mimicry also caused by a leaky gut. By eating animal protein the immune system sees ones own body as having a similar constitution of animals and starts to attack ones own body tissues and organs. It just gets confused. By healing my gut and restoring… Read more »

mike angelo
5 years ago

Jesus it’s no wonder it’s getting hard to heal oneself when we are being sprayed by deadly chemtrails every day.

5 years ago

If you research hairy cell leukemia, it is predominant with the Ashkenazim. As are several autoimmune disorders and other cancers.

Reply to  Carmen
5 years ago

Exactly along with the rest of the long list of diseases they get! They are a disease. They are so genetically mixed. The Hispanics have more blood disorders as well because they are also mongrels.

5 years ago

Will have to look more into the piezoelectric effects in the human body. I noticed a while ago that if I am tired or stressed I get a lot of static electric shocks. The body must ramp up the voltage when it’s stressed.

Sofia mentioned that a doctor might tell someone who had chickenpox that it was just a rash. I had chickenpox as an adult and if someone told me that it was just a rash I probably would have punched them in the face.

5 years ago

The part about the aids is correct. But food is digested by out own enzymes, like pepsin, protease and amylase. Bacteria live Wayne down the gut.

5 years ago

I posted some videos about vaccines and ‘diseases’ on my Bitchute channel some of you may find interesting.

5 years ago

I have been wanting to share about mucoid plaque which collects inside our colons over a lifetime. If the plaque is harboring inside our colon walls we must remove it to fully be bodies of crystalline energy etc. I did the cleanse two years ago because I was catching every bug that went around. Every two or three months I was sick. After I removed the plaque I hardly ever become sickly! I’m sure you are well aware that the colon walls absorb much of the nourishment from the food we eat which is why we must free our colons from accumulated plaque blocking our nourishment absorption. I took photos/video of the plaque that came out and it was unspeakably disgusting! I’ll paste links two… Read more »

5 years ago

Great show – The late Andrew Moulden talked about how it’s the body’s reaction to foreign elements in vaccines (viruses?) that are causing autism, strokes, palsies, death, etc. A vaccine like Gardasil, he said, would ‘finish the job’ that had been started in childhood, causing SIDS in teenagers.

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