The Solar Storm: Sofia Smallstorm – A Watershed Moment (4-22-18)

Kyle speaks to Sofia Smallstorm about a number of environmental issues, including: the importance of watersheds, plastics and pollution, beached whales and naval testing, 5G and its impact on human health, shielding from harmful radiation, and much more. Sofia’s sites: Avatar Products & About the Sky.

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6 years ago

Grounding was discussed. I feel this is very important. One of the first customs I noticed and adopted myself when I moved to South Africa was that the White children here are almost always barefoot wherever they go, whether at the shop, school, playing in the garden or just walking down the street around town. Adults not so much, but hey… I’m still young at heart when it comes to this 😉 Not wearing shoes is unheard of in the States. In the States, you’re forced to put shoes on and expensive ones of course! You don’t want to be laughed at by your peers for not giving jew your hard earned $hekle$ and for wearing cheaply made inexpensive shoes. Not that the expensive shoes… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

It still comes around to taking back our lands and self determination. The small group of demonic creatures that control our gov’ts, money system and large polluting corps have to be removed somehow. They will continue to kill off Indo-Aryans, and the nature that sustains and protects us.

In the short-term, it’s great that people like Sofia and the folk here at Renegade can offer cheap simple solutions, that repair somewhat of the damage, and give us a fighting chance. Thank you both for this wonderful show and information.

PS Please support these brave ladies, like Sofia and Sinead, who speak out against this jewish tyranny.

6 years ago

A meter is a must-have. However, once the 5G is here, forget it. You are not going to be able to measure it. My meter reads from 2.4 Ghz to 8.0 Ghz. There are now quite a few 10 Ghz products on the market, which most meters cannot read. A meter capable of measuring 5G frequencies in the 24 Ghz to 100+ Ghz range will cost you $50,000 minimum. Shielding your house is good and everything, but you’re still fucked when 5G comes to town. You will be exposed all day while you’re at work and any other time you’re not imprisioned in your shielded house. You are not going to escape the 5G once it is deployed. The only option we have is to… Read more »

6 years ago

Check out the cool digs the elite jew scum will be living in while your ass is being fried by 5G. Absolutely disgusting. Fuck all “goy” who refuse to wake up to the nightmare that is straight ahead of us.

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