The Solar Storm: South Africa Today (3-13-16)


Kyle speaks with Karin Smith of Radio Free South Africa, lawyer Schalk van der Merwe, and then Leigh du Preez of South African Family Relief Project about what is happening in South Africa now. Topics include: economic dis-empowerment of Whites, the horrifying rape, torture and murder, the rise of the Economic Freedom Fighters, White organization and resistance, the White South African squatters camps, plans for the future, and much more.

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Idiosyncratic Journeys
8 years ago

TERRIBLE! 🙁 From people visiting SA as tourists tell me the white people are in the hospitality management and are the ones seen by tourists and the blacks are “in the back” I see endless volunteer places to help black children that cost a lot of money voluntourism. I am interested in volunteering to help the whites there. Luckily I been finding info on that. And the white middle or upper middle class there are they just sellouts or Jews?

Idiosyncratic Journeys
8 years ago


7 years ago Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show # 390 – 21 July 2017 – guest Jan Lamprecht: The Planned Genocide Of South Africa’s White Population. Noted here mainly for what appears to be JL’s doubts over the mission and motives of the Suidlanders. Started off inauspiciously as JL recounted background of the Suidlanders and prophecy – the manifold visions of Siener van Rensburg: I thought we were in for some heavy-dosing of Biblical ‘prophecy’ (understandable given Eurofolk seems to be a passel of CI adherents) but it developed more constructively than that, which is just as well as I was otherwise in mind of the Christians praying in the Church at Toledo while “someone” opened the gates and let in the Moors (“The Plot Against… Read more »

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