Solar Storm: The Anti-White Anthropology of Franz Boas (11-10-19)

Kyle discusses Franz Boas, a jewish immigrant to the US from Germany, who brought with him the plague of scientific “anti-racism,” which has been used to prove that the White race is just a social construct.

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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Just one more jewish supremacist using his wealth and position of power to keep the “cattle” confused and fighting, and using “his theories” to genocide the race most dangerous to jews.

PS Thanks Kyle. I hadn’t heard of this genocider before, never having been academically inclined, so this simple and concise information is most useful.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

When you hear the term “Jewish intellectual” think “Jewish subversive” and the picture becomes much clearer. He wouldn’t have been promoted at all if not for the subversive qualities of his theories.

4 years ago

Wow those “love letters”. So that is a jew who is pretending not to be a jew? Sounded like it. Even when threatening all manner of gross and obscene bolshevik violence towards you they can’t stop lying.

4 years ago

The feygeler-chomo’s billet doux near the end sounded like it might have been written by one zapoper, such is his inimitable prose – “LOL!” However the overuse of “bitch” suggests the possibility also of one or both of Messrs O’Neil and / or Titorenko (sp.? in each case). Or just the Usual Suspects. The possibilities are endless! Now to Boas: imo you need to point out for people like me who are possibly slow on the uptake that while he promoted the idea of race being merely a social construct or a matter of culture such that even skull and other physical attributes were adapted over hyper-short periods of time by environment, THAT WAS ALL FOR THE GOYIM. His real view was that of course… Read more »

4 years ago

And now the second quotation showing the reality of Boas’s views on race: THE BIOLOGY OF THE RACE PROBLEM (1962) by GEORGE, Wesley Critz, Ph.D., Page 81: “Herskovits states (p. 49) that ‘… while Boas devoted a great deal of energy to combatting racial determinism, especially in the later years of his life, this meant in essence no more than utilizing the results of scientific research in arguing political and social controversy.’ One is led to wonder whether in so doing, Boas selected and excluded facts in accordance with their usefulness for his purpose. Consider the following: In the 1911 edition of his ‘The Mind of Primitive Man’, Boas wrote, ‘Differences of structure must be accompanied by differences of function, physiological as well as psychological;… Read more »

Major Styles
4 years ago

Jewish theories rest on doubting one’s own instinct. They always peddle the possibility that something could be true to then make it an unequivocable law that it is true.

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