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John The Savage
1 year ago

Good thing I abandoned that evil racist hancock, cremo, etc rabbit hole about decade ago lol. Since then I found out that ‘ancient’ and the ‘biblical flood’ are likely medieval in origin. The flood might actually be a real event that occurred in the 14th century ad, sunk Atlantis, and was the real cause of death in Europe, and not the black plague. Static in the Attic on youtube has a few good videos on it. I don’t endorse or agree with many of his conclusions, but, it’s worth a look if you’re bored.

John The Savage
Reply to  renegade
1 year ago

Yes – Fomenko’s chronological revision seems pretty legitimate; however, to say the least his historical revision plows under a couple world-wide catastrophes and IMHO superimposes russian figures over their european counterparts. In regards to ancient or recent origins of human civilization, the evidence has been stronger in the recent camp from my ongoing research. I think our progress in the past was made in the same linear fashion as today, started not too long ago, and that our history and chronology (just like our science, art, culture, etc.) has been greatly distorted for (((political))) reasons. 

John The Savage
1 year ago

I forgot to mention; thanks for all you two do, and have a happy yule this year.

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