Solar Storm: The Conspiracy Against Sunlight (7-22-18)

Kyle speaks about how we are taught to fear the real light of the world and instead embrace its toxic impostors, like sunscreen and Jesus, which can save us from the sun’s wicked rays. The first hour covers the more physical effects of the sun (or lack thereof) while the second hour touches more upon the how the “sol” of man is connected to the sun of god.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

We Aryans ARE the children of the Sun! Thank you Kyle for getting this vital lifesaving health message out there.

John from NC
5 years ago

Great show as usual Kyle. Coincidentally, July 22nd is the first day of Leo, which is the zodiac sign ruled by the Sun.

Tabitha Wolfram
5 years ago

Excellent show Kyle. I wanted to add that oral consumption of vegetable oils (especially refined, denatured, and oxidized oils) are what fuel skin cancer to develop. And using these oils on the skin transdermally do the same thing. Consuming oils from fruits (olive, avocado) is far superior. The Siberian mushroom chaga has the highest melanin content of any food.

5 years ago

Sparked from the show – Sun Thoughts: I remember childhood in the sun, in the backyard with the sun, the cherry tree, fed by the sun. Three years old, catching bees off the hollyhocks, with the sun, bright, illuminated around me and through me. I can see through my own skin. It’s so bright. I felt the sun on me, not just its heat but its mass, thicker than indoor atmosphere, comforting. I was not separate from it. Bright, everything bright, glowing. I moved within it, delighting in it, energized by it, fed, and invited by it to inspect in detail all that was around me, buzzing, glimmering and shimmering, in color and light. The eyes of a three year old living in the essence… Read more »

Ragnar Fan
Reply to  Liz
5 years ago

This comment is amazing! Thanks whoever you are for making this. It’s a great piece of writing. I searched sun because I used to work in an office before getting fed up with the Kalergi imports working there. Now I run my own business working outdoors and I feel so much better. When I read this I felt energised!

Is there any method to help people who are not exposed to the sun? I’ve also heard that the eye must be exposed to sunlight and that shaded glasses prevent the connection to the sun.

Reply to  Ragnar Fan
5 years ago

Thanks, Ragnar. I’m no expert, and do believe there’s no substitute for real sunlight, but I know some who can’t get much sun supplement vitamin D and/or green drinks. That’s chlorophyll, which dictionary says is, “a green pigment, present in all green plants … responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis, the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis in plants generally involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen as a byproduct.” Can’t prove it but I’d also say organic fruits with skin on as much as possible might bring some sun essence. And of course, sun water and sun tea. And let’s not forget about windows…… Read more »

Heathen vegan
5 years ago

Great show Kyle, I listened to the show whilst doing some garden work, in midday sun. First half was vitally important to dispel the many “myths” of the sun. As always though, I am more drawn to the mythological and esoteric, so really enjoyed the second hour. I remember your old shows well, in fact, its what brought me to Renegade 😀 I, like yourself, used to sungaze, at sunset and sunrise. Like you again, it is something I have not practiced for a while now. Whilst listening to your show, I remembered as a child being told not to stare at the sun. Like all children, I guess, this almost appeared in my mind as a dare. I never went blind, only had a… Read more »

I am Will-Will i am
5 years ago

I bless the Sun always on high
I bless the Air and the sky-
I bless the Water and the sea…
I bless the Earth and you and me!

5 years ago

It’s true. The ”chosen” rulers of this world are currently – VAMPIRES. This was a great show. One of those more than once listens. As a fair skin child growing up in the sunshine state, raised on the SAD die-yet of McDonalds, Chef Boyardee, and home cooked GMO’s, every summer I wound be brutally sunburned to such an extent where I would be crying while trying to sleep on such abused skin. I even remember going to the hospital because of the intensity of the burns. I was constantly told to ”put on sunscreen”, but I never did. I hated it. In my teens I transitioned to eating vegan, and I never burned again like that again. I noticed almost immediately how what I ate… Read more »

Reply to  Amber
5 years ago

Note : I realize now I may have been able to stare at the mid day sun for an unusually long time because I was also looking through a very smoky haze that has been in the air for the past week.
They are blotting out the sun for us here in Oregon with consistent smoke haze and chemtrails above that.
For the last two summers vineyards and cannabis growers have been complaining in our local communist rags from smoke damaged crops.

5 years ago

Thanks for s great show. They used to use “Heliotherapy” to cure tuberculosis in Switzerland over 100 years ago

Paul R. Temple
5 years ago

I live in Spain, I am English. I get out in the sun with my shirt off from February onwards, working in my veg patch. Not too much in July and August after lunchtime as it is too hot. Wouldn’t dream of using anything from big pharma. I’m 48 now and I will take my chances with the sun. The sun is not good for the soil though, that is why you need a mulch.

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