The Solar Storm: Thomas Goodrich (10-12-14)

Drezden 13

Voices of the Dead

Kyle speaks to author Thomas Goodrich about the hidden history of World War II. Topics include: the Allied air massacre, mass rape, death camps, ethnic cleansing, torture, and more. Kyle and Thomas will also discuss the upcoming Hellstorm documentary they are working on.

Listeners can buy the paperback of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 for $25 on Amazon, listeners in the US can send $20 to via PayPal to get a signed book, and listeners in Europe, Canada, or elsewhere need to contact Thomas at for postage rates.

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9 years ago

Most Whites have no clue as to how many of their race lines were exterminated & how better we Whites of the almost pure White race would be if they would have lived through the wars . Its a sad state of affairs that most Whites today still have not figured out who was responsible for the murders of our White race people and have Not been held accountable for those acts. Anyway , the living ones today can save the Almost pure’s that are left if we spread the awakening words to the intelligent ones that are left. It is very upsetting to Whites that have been personally effected by those people that were following orders without questioning them killing our own White race… Read more »

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