Solar Storm: Waking Up From Their Nightmare & Realizing Our Dreams (2-24-19)

Kyle shares thoughts about dreams and how they relate to our waking life. Topics include: the psychological benefits of dreaming, theories on why we dream, different kinds of dreams, ancient ideas about dreaming from around the world, Jung vs Freud, dreams in myths, pop culture and the American dream, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

You can mitigate alot of disturbing dreams, as a result of being ruled by jewish supremacists, by bathing yourself in as much sunlight, bright colours and beautiful sounds as possible. Nature provides most of this for free.

And this is where the historical artwork on the Tribune, Kyle’s wonderfully vibrant paintings (now on sale), and of course Sinead’s spirit-soaring voice and music, can play such an important role in our fight. Use these assets to get your own individual mind and body in health and harmony, and collectively, we will wake once again.

PS Very interesting topic, Kyle. Thank you.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Absolutely. As I tell others “Feed your mind like you feed your body, with good things”.

5 years ago

SANDMANn -a Covington student – is suing the Washington Post & possibly many other media entities for libel; a potential bombshell in the fake news media presumption of untouchableness.

Reply to  BrendanT
5 years ago

“sandman” is a jewish actor.

5 years ago

I’m surprised they’re not more comments here. I thought Renegade listeners were big into mysticism? I suffered sleep paralysis many times in my life as a Christian. And every time I called on Jesus, I either woke up or went back to sleep. Funny thing is it hasn’t happened since I de-converted. Who should I call on if there’s a next time? Oden? Mars? Zeus? My Ancestors? My Self?

5 years ago

Yngwe Malmsteen’s, Dreaming

5 years ago

Frank Marino, Strange Dreams

5 years ago

Heart~These Dreams

5 years ago

Castaneda’s Don Juan gave lessons in conscious dreaming. To beginners he recommended going to bed with the “intention” of finding your hands in your own dream, and just noticing them. In the dream, one might actually realize, “Hey, I’m doin’ it; I found my hands!!” Surprisingly, it worked for me, after only a few tries. I found my hands. They looked kinda luminous. It felt empowering, just to be able to see my hands. I guess this exercise was to get one to be at cause in the dream-world, instead of being tossed around. Don Juan put a lot of emphasis on “INTENTION” as a door-opener.


5 years ago

Since we speak in metaphors every single day in our waking hours as in, “it’s raining cats and dogs” and “I’m running against the clock”, then it’s only logical we would dream in metaphors.

5 years ago

I’ve had several attack-type dreams related to the ‘truth movement,’ that really got me wondering how sophisticated this soul catching agenda is – like, are they tracking or even guiding our perception at times. The last attack cured me of needing to endlessly discuss the deets of 9/11 and I never looked back. I’ve also had beautiful dreams that felt like real meet-ups, especially after a heartbreak that had a fated quality to it. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have our own dream groves (a timeless place in nature to sit on rocks in a tree circle) and visualize what we can create together? They totally want us to dream their dreams (Dreamworks) and look at how many are caught in the nightmare of Abrahamic… Read more »

5 years ago

Kyle on the Cow Bell

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