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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

No wonder the majority of our men are currently acting like weak, illogical little boys. Just looking at the amount of detail that goes into these movies and comics is beyond ridiculous.

It’s obvious they are designed to stunt natural mental, emotional and physical growth. Wake up men and be adults. This is a war for our survival!

P.S. Holy productive live show, Valedictorianman! Holy naivety or deception, phoneman? (Not hanging with Bruce Wayne’s “manor”). Holy tran..okay, enough with the jew mind drivel. Comic-Con first freak Melania, was 50 on Sunday.

Foster XL
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Yep, have to agree on this one Anthony. I was the one who got ridiculed by these manchildren for NOT liking comics & calling them childish drivel when I was growing up LOL! The main reason I use to pick up comics in the book store as a kid was to see all the cool stuff you could “win” inside the back page by collecting an impossible number of tokens if you bought literally hundreds of comics! I realised early on it was scam & remember saying “f*** that” to my younger brother! 😀 But oh, they’re “graphic novels” now don’t you know so it’s a perfectly acceptable activity for an “adult” to engage in! Oh & also they’re VERY collectible so it’s an investment!… Read more »

4 years ago

that goldberg recording is a dumb joke

it’s related to the adam green channel that’s why it mentions him

i can’t find the link but there’s a recording of the same person that clearly reveals that it’s just a character

but i found it from a link in a youtube comment thread and it’s impossible to find it again

Armed Patriot
Reply to  moki
4 years ago

Ok . Tell me why he predicted a virus you dumb fuck !! It may be half truth but there is certainly some truth to it !!

Reply to  Armed Patriot
4 years ago

shut the fuck up

i can’t read his mind i am just passing on info so you don’t expect to be guillotined

no there is not some truth to it, it’s an act by a jew who is trolling you

here i trawled through 6 million comments to find this 1 link

same voice, new video, not dead, blatant troll

so stfu

4 years ago

So I watched that family guy episode ‘Hotshots’ you mentioned, amazing how much is in that.. Thing that struck me is how the bat is called Bat Damon, after Matt Damon.. Who coincidentally (it’s not) was one of the stars of ‘Contagion’. It has peter dressed as the joker, clearly linking to batman from the 1st scene. Peter uses a drone to get the bat, (drones being pushed for this quarantine scenario). Points the blame for pro-vaccination to liberal Hollywood at the end, probably to keep the blame game going in the right direction… All in all a psy op spectacular! (it even says directly that vaccines will cause autism, in Peter “the idiot Irishman’s” advert)

4 years ago

Don’t mean to be off topic. Sorry I can’t get into the chat. Feds bust Allure medical spa in Michigan for using vitamin C to treat corona virus.

Reply to  Dennis
4 years ago

This furthers the narrative that this virus is real. What proof do you have that it is?

Reply to  Sinead
4 years ago

I never said it was real . I don’t know if there is a “virus” or not. But this could be a way for the feds to start taking out homeopathic and naturalpathic medicine and doctors.

4 years ago

I was reading Aesops Fables by chance the same day this broadcast was delivered… Maybe synchronistically the second short story I read was ‘The story of the Bat’. To summarize; the tale describes the battle of two nations, the beasts and the birds and their interactions with a ‘cowardly’ creature, the bat! This deceptive weakling spends his time flitting from one side to the next trying to gain trust from both, claiming that because he shared so many characteristics with beasts on the one hand, and birds on the other he must be one of their ilk. Remind any one of a certain (((Tribe)))?! In the end the bat is tried by the chief of the birds: “Because you have said first that you were… Read more »

Borg 7of 9
4 years ago

Social distancing training in Peru :

Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

In some Spanish counties the proverbial heraldic bat has its origin in a “royal dragon” (royal chimera). Sometimes the bat actually replaced a bird. The heraldic bat can also be found in some places in France, Germany and Wales, but its use is very rare. I ignore if these heraldic bats have some kind of “occult” origin though.


“The No. 9 Squadron RAF adopted the bat badge in 1917 along with the Latin motto Per Noctem Volamus “We fly through the night”. The badge was approved by King Edward VIII in November 1936.”

4 years ago

Would love to know your thoughts on getting Sheriffs involved in defending our constitutional rights. Interview with former Sheriff Richard Mack…

Foster XL
Reply to  hanan
4 years ago

Why don’t they drop the whole “constitution” thing & replace it with just The Bill of Rights & all that would entail if followed through to conclusion? Oh yeah that’s right, because then it would be a REAL movement against the corporation & their illegitimate admiralty “law” that runs your country! Look into that, it’s worth it! 😉

4 years ago
One more ”coincidence”. French comics PIF /dr Justice from 1979 ”predicts” pandemic similar to covid 19.All Europe is coughing and the virus looks similar to coronavirus .It is shown over Italy and central Europe.

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