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Unsere Zittadell
2 years ago

Here is a few others great additions they’re doing here ^^
Mind you, even with the media hype and mandates on masks and Orwellian drivel. I never wear a fucking mask and stand my ground, know my laws and rights. That helps every time. But most Aussies are happy to comply to their communism.

And this clip, from Stew Peter’s. Even parasites have been found along side the many metals and graphene oxide ((()))

2 years ago

Vid of policeman arguing about BLM, narrative, but is this a multi layer psyop, well it will be used as such anyway .

NeiL Haworth
2 years ago

At the beginning of the fakedemic I thought people would finally see the obvious lies being shoved in their faces but I got disappointed.

Lady Cat
Reply to  NeiL Haworth
2 years ago

Oh noooo.. They were having to much fun. Getting those fed bucks and unemployment checks. All those nurses on power trips I said back then I’ll bet my life more then half won’t get the shot. And here I proven correct again. They all knew it was bullshit. But it was political to them. They’d rather die then admit us Natsees trumpers were right. And die they shall Very few of these people are actual victims. If they didn’t go along with this circus in the beginning for a few freebies we wouldn’t be this far in. My heart bleeds for the children and the oldies who never had a choice The rest are kinda getting what they paid for and they are so far… Read more »

Robert Heimdal
2 years ago

This is how privileged jews are, specially if they are trannies:
Eric ‘Nina’ Cohen, Antifa Activist Accused of Stabbing Man in Heart, Released From Jail in Los Angeles After Paying Bail | InformationLiberation (Sep. 07, 2021)

Antisemites!!!!! [sarcasm]:
Portugal becomes first EU country to adopt new travel ban on arrivals from ‘super-vaxxed’ Israel (September 3, 2021) by Portugal Resident

Last edited 2 years ago by Robert Heimdal
Unsere Zittadell
2 years ago

This is a good listen and very relative mensch

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