Solar Storm: Who Can You Trust These Days? (11-24-19)

Kyle talks about how diversity reduces social cohesion and overall trust, and how devastating this can be for us. He then gets into the panopticon of worldwide surveillance and how jews don’t want to be viewed as White anymore (except for when they want to educate us “fellow White people”.


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4 years ago

I’m very sure Shaun already destroyed any credibility of this kermit the frog cucky dog.

Reply to  OuterSpaceGod
4 years ago

Hi Shaun.

Reply to  Sinead
4 years ago

Hahaha! Someone actually called Shaun “a fellow White man” in the comments under the ̶s̶h̶o̶w̶ crap he did about Turkey Michelle & he posted it LOL! 😀

Reply to  Mary
4 years ago

I don’t know how any person in their right mind would seriously listen to a guy that can’t maintain a relationship with a woman (even over the internet) without resorting to vulgar obscenities and threats, and advocates that straight White, happily married Men should get a divorce and leave their families behind for booze and a ”job” whining on the internet with a part time gig of taking care of a cripple. By their fruits you shall know them. His ”side kick’s” include a played out, unfunny drunken has been, and a yenta who promotes last decades degenerative health trends. TCTA & WTFradio, my nomination for the subversive degenerate untermensch award 2019. Two divorced degenerate dads and one bitter jewess with no news White people… Read more »

4 years ago

Most of the social researchers have taken upon themselves to act as social engineers first and foremost and scientists secondly. It becomes laughable when this Putnam guy argues against his own findings and like a stubborn child tries to fit a square toy into a triangular hole. Like a person with an obsessive compulsive disorder is compelled to count every car on a parking lot or every window on a building, these tools are obsessing over racial quotas, forced integration and affirmative action, blending different races together whether they want it or not, reducing the population to lab rats in a cruel social experiment which no one signed up for. Only in White countries though, and only the Whites who are virtue signaling a willingness… Read more »

4 years ago

“Putnam married his wife Rosemary, a special education teacher and French horn player.[9] Around the time of his marriage, he converted to Judaism, his wife’s religion.” This wikipedia article on Putnam is a lie, as Putnam is an ashkenazi. Look at these pix of Putnam and tell me he isn’t a jew. Now why would a lying harvard jew professor write a self-depreciating book like Bowling Alone, which the jew media quickly made popular? “The Cycle of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies It’s not hard to see that self-fulfilling prophecies can lead to cycles of thought and behavior—both good and bad. When we believe something about ourselves, we are more likely to act in ways that correspond to our beliefs, thus reinforcing our beliefs and encouraging the… Read more »

Ingrid B
4 years ago

I imagine everyone have by now seen the footage, where jewish young are gathered to be indoctrinated by the IOF rendition of “Im not white, Im jewish”.. If the tribe were halfway decent, they would leave the lands where they dont fit in.. I believe (((they))) are preparing a second "israel" in the Ukraine.. Wouldnt it be nice if (((they))) just left Palestine, en masse, and moved there..

4 years ago

I notice that this article makes it appear that people in Communist police states had a high level of trust before 1990. Really? I doubt it. I do understand that any country that goes through a huge political upheaval will damage social relations but the agenda in this ‘study’ seems obvious.

4 years ago

Actually the Jews were well treated by the Czars and their ministers during the 19th century, who believed they could integrate them into society. While this was happening, the Jews were plying booze to the poor peasants driving them into debt and setting up Communist cells.

Rich Jewish bankers in the ‘West’ funded the communist takeover of Russia.
Jewish capitalists and communists working hand in hand.

4 years ago

Michael Bloomberg, owner of Bloomberg ” multinational financial, data, software and media” , worth $50 billion, has just jumped into the Presidential race to save poor Jews like himself from the evil white supremacist Donald Trump.

4 years ago

After bankrupting the US to fight wars for Israel, Jews discover they love the Muslims, at least as long as they are in white countries.

Why they’re positively a blessing.

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