Solar Storm: Who Watches the White Men? (10-27-19)

Kyle talks about some big stories from this week concerning a triumph against terror, battling hate speech and anti-semitism, and the pre-crime program. Then he gets into In the Shadow of the Moon and the Watchmen TV series, which advocate for murdering innocent White people who don’t hate themselves.

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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

It’s good to see a few more of our people are waking up to this anti-White agenda, with the continual jewish programming. Every group, besides White people, can meet and strengthen their cultural presence. Only by more people doing even the smallest thing, will we overturn these historical lies.

PS Thanks Kyle. I’m glad i don’t have to watch all this bs, for research purposes. Has the al-bageldadi theatre production been timed to incite (((attacks))) in Nov? jewtube are now very busy promoting a Seattle stadium attack on 11/3.

4 years ago

What was the bag pipe tune? Loved it…

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