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4 years ago

Pretty soon we will probably have to get a essential work badge to work. I’ve heard about this by a couple of people. One was from a guy I know that works the produce section at Albertsons grocery store. He also has a paper where he can be out if they enforce a curfew here where I live. Not sure how much of this is true. I have try to look up about the essential work badge here in the state of Nevada but couldn’t find anything. It seems with this plandemic they are pushing more on us every few days to week by week.

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

I think the jewish supremacists have done what they normally do, and have used Sweden as their controlled opposition. Their prime minister has just issued a stark warning of the coming “thousands of deaths”, and just doesn’t understand the gov-backed health authority’s common sense approach. This has jew-script written all over it.

P.S. Thanks for pointing out all of these discrepancies in the usual Renegade positive way, Kyle.

4 years ago

Not sure if you’re aware or have referenced this already. There is a link to the Rock. Fd. Pdf in the article…. “The Rockefeller Foundation published a paper in 2010 titled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. The first scenario was called LOCK STEP and was described as follows: “A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.”
In this scenario, a virus pandemic appeares suddenly, quickly infecting populations around the world, destroying economies by interrupting mobility of people and goods, and debilitating industries and global supply chains.”

4 years ago

People need to get ready for holodomor 2.0 on a global scale. We are already seeing reports of dairy farms dumping truck loads of milk everyday, and farmers having to throw their harvest out because they have closed down farmers markets. It’s going to get a lot worse. They are publicly talking about over 30% unemployment, and starting an id system with daily “virus testing”. Prepare yourselves for the worst, make plans in case you need to bugout, in the meantime get growing food if you don’t already. If you have extra guns cache some of them for backups. Don’t wait in hopes this will just blow over because even when this test “quarantine” ends they have proven they can lock the nation down and… Read more »

4 years ago

David Icke, the shill, strikes again, this time he is playing a role in pushing further censorship on Youtube channels, this time it’s aimed at channels that expose the dangers of 5G. David Kike was interviewed by a Youtube channel called ”London Real”, a shill channel with 1 million + subs. This interview reached 65K viewers and in it, Kike was connecting the health issues of today to 5G as well as exposing Bill Gates and his chip vaccine agenda. Youtube knew of this interview and allowed it to keep going untill it ended. After this interview, Youtube deleted the interview to give David Kike further browny points among gullible ”truthers” and using this interview as an excuse to remove every video that links corona… Read more »

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