Solar Storm: Year in Review & Forward Thinking (12-30-18)

Kyle discusses the shows he did this past year, some of the big stories of the past year, what we should be paying attention to in the coming year, and how we should hold ourselves to a high standard.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Thank you Kyle for bringing us these very interesting and informative Solar Storm shows year after year. Keep shining the light of truth on jewish supremacists, with their paedo, poison and penny control systems that enslave humanity.

PS If former hosts, guests or callers go on to show their true bolshevik intentions afterwards, it is no reflection on you, Sinead or Renegade.

5 years ago

I miss Nick Spero so much. With him a whole network of thought has gone and some of it is now framed by others who may do “good work” but do it in a direction which is not ours. He was an interconnecter, sure for his family and for me for the way to see the world. His death is an immense loss and watching the people which are now working on his topics makes the loss even more perceptible. I sure miss Charles and I do have the feeling that he was duped to leave but wish him well. There is whole range of former hosts I more or less forgot the moment they left, remembering some good shows they did or even nothing… Read more »

5 years ago

You guys drink Bubly carbonated & flavored waters?
Pretty sure I heard Kyle refer to it.
My mother has been drinking it a lot & she got me into drinking them too.

Reply to  Ulf
5 years ago

Never use a soda stream that stuffs made on falsely claimed Palestinian land

5 years ago

I personally don’t mind seeing Renegade Broadcasting starting off 2019 with a clean slate, with just yourself and Sinead. With all taint of National Bolshevism definitely washed off from the roster, it might even be a good sign of things to come. But Charlie quitting the network with no clear direction on where to go next was the saddest thing to hear this year, in my opinion. As I understand it, he was a long-time contributor here, and sort of deserved a better conclusion after all his work. At least the split wasn’t acrimonious (like it was for the majority of your former broadcasters), and for that I’m glad. I’ve exchanged a few e-mails with Charles, and he told me the two main points of… Read more »

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