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7 years ago

Very inspirational!
2017 is the year the tide turns for good and we win
Thanks everyone

7 years ago

Thank you Renegade for 2016. Upward and forward……..!

7 years ago

Thanks Kyle I just switched the name of the event and placed the slogan AIPAC IS Treason at the top of the FB event description. All are more than welcome to share & create your own AIPACALYPSE 2017 pages/sites/propaganda.

7 years ago

Good recap on the year and to clear your confusion on the Bible quote I would have thought you of all people would understand.

Simply put seeking the truth will put you with odds of family friends and the world so if you are not ready for that battle you are not worthy of the war/struggle……. Glad to help

Reply to  renegade
7 years ago

Well I was telling you what the words meant if you have a suspected lie I’ll be happy to clear up the confusion but many died for there belief system even today hated by all…. The difference is everything about Christian teachings can be reasonably explained logically Charles twisted misquoting and overlapping Jewish tradition excluded

U.S. So called Christians are gnostic in nature and far from what is simply reveled

7 years ago

Look at a paragraph in the joosh post. These pieces of garbage must be sent into the void. They are really only the serious problem to everyone in the world, when you really look at what causes all the strife and bullshit. “The Jews should celebrate Christmas as the Chosen by God with the mission of helping the others, who at the times of Rabbi Joshua who became Jesus Christ in the minds of that time pagans, fulfilling their mission by converting the pagans to the Torah-guided Christians. Because it is forbidden for the Jews to convert to Judaism those who genetically are outside the Jewish tribe, the only way to make the non-Jews to follow the Torah was the creation of another Torah-guided religion.”… Read more »

7 years ago

Excellent set, great summation of the current situation.

7 years ago

Sadly I did fall for the trump train, and a lot of other things you guys here on renegade have been calling out. I at least do see where I was wrong on the trump train and many other topics and people like Angelo gage. Anyhow excellent show!

7 years ago

an intersting thing about the swastika and the squared circle concept – the swastika is a square and it has 4×90 degree angles which is 360 degrees as in a circle.

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