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6 days ago

Good show, listened twice. Points of interest include e.g. @27:34 Celtic god Esus {spelt Hesus (“wood cutter”) in Dorothy Murdock/Acharya S.’s “The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold” (2012, latest, revised ed. 2020)}, lord/master, and criminals were sacrificed to him by hanging on a tree and spearing – Britannica one of 3 mentioned by Lucan in 1c AD {BC?}; a relief from Notre Dame Cathedral Paris depicts him as a woodman cutting a branch from willow tree, other associations; @28:45 Jesus in Bible was hung on a tree though Romans did crucify people on crosses: Esus, Jesus, Odin sharing attributes. page 340 of the 2012 edition of Murdock/Acharya, supra: “As stated, it is maintained that during the Nicene Council the names Jesus and Christ… Read more »

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