Strategy Session: Effective Activism and Community Building (1-21-24)

Kyle and Aurelian talk to a number of people on this space about a number of issues: reaching out to the MMA community, the importance of framing our message, controlled opposition groups and degenerates, building community, resilient and redundant networks, and more.

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5 months ago

As ever beware also the legal aspects – a conviction for anodyne stickering hitherto thought lawful in the UK – coming to the US sometime soon?:

Anthony Roberts
4 months ago

Great discussion everyone. Another good entry point for building like-minded friendships is the jewish supremacists’ ‘woke’ agenda.
Most ordinary White folk are sick of the filth and absurdity being forced on the majority indigenous pop. By building on this mass discontent, you can gradually bring up the invasion and obvious genocide plans.
Be very cautious mind. The soft and seemingly well-spoken chap in the chat, who was booted out, is just another flavour of disinformation agent, imo.
Please support White men, women and businesses.

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