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1 month ago

Nice group of speakers BTW Re Feminism…  What they refer to it today starting from post/our loss of WW2 is Judaic quasi or upside down/inverted or distorted feminism. In the same way the same tribe has coopted many things National Socialism put in place for its own people/land etc (not for economic migrants like its been touted for today. Feminazi was a slurr directed at National Socialist women, esp the ones who drove forward support and information pro NS. This includes Mosely’s’ the Brown shirts pushed mostly by women early on to recruit men and ethnic folk to the movement. Feminist where concerned back then of degenerate men having access to women’s spaces such as toilets and their children. Feminists also did not want their… Read more »

1 month ago

I read your article on Tulsi Gabbard- please view update (108 second video) that expands on your research: I served on Honolulu City Council with Tulsi Gabbard (Tamayo) and she is no defender of free speech- she started the WOKE movement /cancel culture on conservative speech here in Honolulu- voting for Resolution 11-34, CD1 (2/23/2011) calling Rush Limbaugh a racist and used gov’t resources to remove Rush from our radio station. Article on the vote; Tulsi defended the Chinese dictator over USA’s private citizens’ right to exercise their free speech: Video of City Council hearing to destroy Rush’s character and his career- I was the lone NO vote unable to convince Tulsi and her commie colleagues what they were doing was anti-American and… Read more »

Rod Turner
1 month ago

Any idea what happened to Charlie Guiliani? He has not posted in 3 months, all e-mails unanswered.

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