Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (7-30-15)


Topics include:
~An introduction to TCTA & Shaun’s politics
~Emails & messages from the listeners
~Donald Trump’s family married to Israel
~Little chinks getting bribed positions in our schools
~Jews trying to confuse people on our multicultural understanding

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8 years ago

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Really good to see you join ranks with Renegade Shaun! Listened to you and Kyle both on Oracle from the early days and it’s pretty cool how we’ve all ended up in the same place ideologically & literally. Stay steadfast & true! The cause is a good one, a true one, the best one and it must be carried through to the end!

PS. You realise that on this side of the ditch it’s aussies who are the sheep shaggers right?! HAHAHA! She’ll be right mate! 😉

8 years ago

Hey True.

Ha! I’m just going to have to do a sheep shagging segment… Ummm, errrr, I mean sheep shaggers segment on the next broadcast mate. Whilst you Kiwis might be good neighbours, but that sheeps thighs are NOT hot!

Thanks for listening man.


8 years ago

Was glad to see Shaun show up for a Wildcard slot, now I see a kangaroo named Shaun for Thursday on the host line-up. Crikey, could it just be a coincidence?

8 years ago

More Australian christinsanity. Going to have to kick this show to the curb. Not interested.

8 years ago

Where on earth did you get that idea Jon? You obviously didn’t listen to the show. I am not religious Sir.

To remedy your ignorance I suggest a thermometer in your bottom and to listen to the show again without only hearing every 3rd word.

Have a good day.

8 years ago

Loved the show f****** hilarious and informative at the same time. Keep this one Kyle please

8 years ago

Hey Terry. Thanks for listening and I’m glad you got something from the broadcast.

Did you hear that Jon? “Hilarious and informative at the same time”. Now bow your head in shame, remove the thermometer and listen to my next show.

8 years ago

Welcome, Shaun. Glad to see over here. Been catching your TCTA podcasts for quite a while now. I like your perspectives and straight forward delivery colored with humor. Hope you have a long stay.

And no worry mate, I promise not to claim victimhood for any increase in consuming my favorite beverage due to your opening advice, even though waking up the morning after your 3-4 hour podcasts can sometimes have its challenges. LOL.

Cheers! to our mate Down Under!!

8 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to hear the show and a big cheers for the comment Newstarmist. Yeah those 3-4 hour casts can be a challenge for me too, because as I am doing them, I am drinking so by the time I get to hour 4 I’m half tanked. Ha!

Stay well man.

8 years ago

As far as Doctors not giving up the money for giving inoculations it goes much deeper. Aside from having to pay off their $200,000 medical school loans, THEY WILL ACTUALL BE PENALIZED AND POTENTAILLY LOSE THERE JOBS if they don’t prescribe the “necessary” prescriptions for said patients.

My brother is a physician.

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