The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 11-25-13

Fighting for Freedom in America

Kyle’s guest is D.J. Anderson, who is a long time racialist from the greater Boston area. Co-host of WP Radio, editor at Malevolent Freedom and an Organizer for the FAR Project, D.J. is always trying to counter the negative image of the race conscious by using media and community involvement to portray our root message of independence and personal sovereignty.

Malevolent Freedom:
FAR Project (Nationalist Activist Coalition):
Battalion 14 (Local Crew):
Get Some 88 Music & Clothing:

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10 years ago

Excellent podcast. D.J. Anderson is doing a great job. He is combining Aryan Activism with his podcasts and making a difference in the real world, he is enlightening both the minds and the hearts of our Aryan Folk. Keep up the good work, D.J.

10 years ago

Bill, I am glad that you don’t hate me. I agree with you that we need physical Might for the success of our Cause, but I also think that we need SPIRITUAL MIGHT as well. Keep up your good work, Comrade. You have a great podcast.

Reply to  Jim Hardpeka
10 years ago

I like & respect you Jim. I value your contributions to the Renegade podcasts. Even when you are putting forth ideas that I disagree with I think that the debates that follow are productive. I know that you are dedicated to the cause (The 14 Words)& a big Renegade supporter. That makes us comrades.

10 years ago

What D.J. had to say was very inspirational, interesting & informative. I just checked out the Free America site & I liked what I saw. Great podcast!

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

D.J. Anderson came across as a very honest and dedicated activist. We need more men like him.

I will definitely check out the websites and his radioshow.

10 years ago

Hi Kyle,
great show and thanks for the podcasts they are is not always possible to listen live.What is the title and bands name that played the great tracks at the beginning and the end of this week’s show?

Reply to  GSX
10 years ago

Thanks. Bully Boys – White Pride & Sturmwehr – I Pray For Better Days

Reply to  Renegade
10 years ago

thanks kyle,have great week-end!

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