The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 3-18-13

The Importance of Persistence – Why we need to carry on, define the agenda, expose the corruption, and create a better world. Topics will include racial warfare, the power of blood, real spiritual connection, and more. David will be stopping by in the second hour.

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11 years ago

One of things that I never liked about Oracle was that many of the hosts refused to ever speak of race. The last time I listened to a show on there, whose name I cannot remember, the host actually berated a caller for being a “racist.” It’s pretty amazing to hear a station that constantly talks about Jewish domination, and yet doesn’t mention how its influence has muddied people’s perceptions of race, and had lead to generations of total self-loathing in many Europeans, and arrogant undeserved pride in other races. In any case, the seeds of division of the parent population, mass immigration, so on and so forth, is numero uno as far as Jews go, really. It is also pathetic to hear this host… Read more »

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