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10 years ago

You will be missed,Kyle. Read the Turner Diaries on legals vs Illegals,if you haven’t already. You can still contribute a lot to the cause,no matter what happens to you personally,as long as you have the balls to soldier on.

Maybe eventually,with scientific progress, we can continue to fight on even after physical death. Nothing can stop a White man who is determined to succeed.


10 years ago

A great show, Kyle. Thank you for everything that you have done so far. Recover from your wounds. Take a bath in dragon’s blood. Return stronger.

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

Nothing wrong with taking a break, Kyle. Spend some time with loved ones. Give some extra attention to your hobbies. I have some silly hobbies myself and if I would not have those I would go insane. 🙂 During the show someone called “Urban Jungle Girl” called in. Now she should have her own show on Renegade. Every time she speaks it’s spot on. I also hope that Sinead and Heks are doing fine. And I wish a horrible disease with a painfull and slow death to those who attacked the Aryan Woman. I hope that the girls will call in to other shows and not turn their backs on the struggle. Our enemies hate it when females become active in the pro-White movement. I… Read more »

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