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11 years ago

Thank you Kyle, your are brilliant!

Reply to  Carmen
11 years ago

I appreciate your kind remarks, Carmen. Glad you enjoyed the show.

11 years ago

Hey Kyle, I really enjoyed the show. I am so please that you brought up this topic because the importance of mankinds relationship with cattle cannot be understated. I just wanted to point out that the relationship between people and hallucinogenic mushrooms also included cattle and played a huge role in how we developed spiritually. The Ur plant is evidenced to be Stropharia cubensis and was sacred to the Paleolithic cult of the Great Horned Goddess. I got this information from Terence McKenna Food of the Gods – the search for the original tree of knowledge. I don’t agree with everything he has put out there, but I strongly believe that this is a pathway to our truth. This is a truth that cannot be… Read more »

Reply to  Shannon
11 years ago

Thank you kindly for the comment. I may continue the discussion next week as well.
I always thought the name Cube-n-Sis was a fun name.

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